For a WILD STONE man, life’s an occasion. Every moment of which is unique and worth celebrating. WILD STONE helps you be prepared for all these special moments. We make sure you don’t just live it but make it memorable.


Strong masculine fragrances to get you noticed wherever you go. Explore fragrances crafted for the modern man. Range: UltraSensual, RED, Legend, Hydra Energy, Forest Spice, Thunder, Aqua, Edge

Eau De Parfum

Premium fragrances crafted for the modern man. Get noticed with premium fragrance notes that celebrate everyday with style, substance and irresistible charm.
Range: Ultra Sensual, Night Rider, Hydra Energy, Forest Spice, RED, Aqua Fresh,Thunder, Grey, Edge.

Cool Talc

Get WILD STONE’s ultra masculine fragrance in a talc. With a refreshing boost of menthol, sea minerals and active silver ions that keeps you fresh all day.
Range: Sea Minerals, Active Silver

Compact Body Perfume

Long-lasting fragrances in Compact packs to suit your different moods.
Range: Blast, Charge, Fresh


Wild Stone CODE

Crafted for ultimate sophistication and sensuality. Let the long lasting fragrance chisel out your persona whenever you need to take the centre stage. CODE On! Range: Gold, Titanium, Platinum, Chrome, Steel, Copper

Deo Talc

Kick start your day with WILD STONE’s deodorizing talc. The ultra-masculine fragrance speaks of noticeable freshness. Begin your grooming routine right.
Range: Ultra Sensual, Hydra Energy

Shaving Range

Start the day afresh with a smooth and noticeable shave. Explore WILD STONE’s shaving range that is crafted with fragrances to delight the modern man. Range: Ultra Sensual, Hydra Energy, Edge

Deo Soap

Deodorising soap keeps you fresh all day. Notice the rich fragrance and the luxurious lather. Begin each day smelling fresh and confident.
Range: Ultra Sensual, Musk, Cool, Forest Spice