Our wide range of fragrance and grooming products are built to complement every aspect of the progressive Indian man’s personality and lifestyle. For the Wild Stone man, life is an adventure, meant to be celebrated and cherished. Our products are all about indulgent sophistication and are designed to make you feel suave and slick.

Immerse yourself in a world of perfumes that exude unparalleled suave and timeless elegance. Own every moment with notes that exude style, substance, and a magnetic presence.
Collection: Ultra Sensual, Night Rider, Hydra Energy, Forest Spice, RED, and Edge.


Unleash your wild side with our powerhouse masculine fragrances that command attention. Discover reviving deodorants that conquer the test of time.
Collection: Ultra Sensual, RED, Legend, Hydra Energy, Forest Spice, Edge, Classic Range.


Elevate your grooming game with products that redefine manscaping. Infused with invigorating fragrances, our range is your ticket to suave sophistication.
Collection: Grooming 101 Kit, Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion, Hair Gel, Shaving Foam, Shaving Brush.


Pocket Perfume

These fragrance powerhouses
are all set to enhance your
charisma, no matter where
life takes you. From fresh to fierce,
these little dynamos pack
a punch of captivating
Collection: Blast, Charge, and Fresh.

Deodorant Talc

Dominate the day with the ultimate freshness boost of fragrance infused talc that speaks volume. Stay cool, stay confident, and redefine your grooming ritual.
Collection: Ultra Sensual, Hydra Energy, Activ.


Revitalise your shower routine with our refreshing soaps, delivering a burst of energy to your mornings. The rich fragrance and creamy lather combine to create a moment of sheer indulgence.
Collection: Ultra Sensual, Musk, and Forest Spice.