When the modern Indian woman is progressive, ambitious, confident and bold, she needs a lifestyle brand that can keep up with her spirit. Secret Temptation’s range of fragrance and grooming products are designed for every occasion; whether that’s an interview, a luxurious event, a day with friends, or even your first day at college! Own Your Temptation

Our EDP collection take you on an enchanting journey of emotions and desires in every spritz.
Collection : Adore, Dream, Romance, and Bliss.

No Gas Body Sprays

The Te Amo No Gas collection presents a captivating range of refreshing and long-lasting fragrances that offer a delightful burst of fragrance.
Collection: Acqua, Breeze, Pearl, Dazzle, Petal, and Sparkle.

Body Sprays

Let your senses dance with joy as you explore our collection of body sprays, where every bottle holds the secret to feeling fabulous all day long.
Collection: Pink, Romance, Mystery, Passion, Affair, and Play.

Perfume Roll-On

Indulge in a pocket-sized burst of happiness with this collection of perfume roll-ons, each one ready to sprinkle a little cheer and charm into your day.
Collection: Love, Cuddle, Stardust, and Blossom.

Deodorant Roll-On

Experience the uplifting charm of our deodorant roll-on, your perfect companion for staying fresh and confident, no matter where life takes you.
Collection: Talc effect, Brightening roll-on, and Active lifestyle.

Deodorant Talc

Your secret to feeling fresh and flirty, adding a touch of Romance and the sweetness of Pink to your day.
Collection: : Romance & Pink.


Discover the secret to a skin-caring ritual that feels like a daily hug. Presenting Pink and Romance soap that leave you refreshed and lovely.
Collection : Pink & Romance.