Code is a world of indulgence. Its premium grooming range is crafted for the man who is on the path of self-discovery. The Code man is self-assured and unafraid to find the real him. He lives by his rules and not conventions. The avant-garde products from Code perfectly complement his active lifestyle, inspiring him live his dreams with pride.

Code Steel

Code Steel surrounds the senses with a soothing accord of bergamot, lime and orange notes. The exquisite Aromatic Aquatic fragranceis long-lasting and keeps one fresh all day long.

Code Titanium

Code Titanium brings a fresh masculine fragrance with citrusy, musky notes. The exotic Aromatic Woody fragrance invokes zeal and vigor, complementing the agility of the Code man.

Code Gold

The aristocratic Code Gold is an exotic Aromatic Green fragrance infused with fresh bergamot and orange notes. These fresh notes meet woody notes of musk and vetiver to exude class and confidence.

Code Copper

Code Copper stands for the charming sensual masculinity. Its Citrus Ambery fragrance invigorates the senses and keeps one fresh all day long.

Code Chrome

Code Chrome is an Aromatic Fougere composition with the freshness of lavender, bergamot, musk, and vetiver. The exotic notes lend an irresistible charm inspiring one to live his dreams triumphantly.

Code Iridium

Code Iridium's Aromatic Woody fragrance brings together the notes of lavender, bergamot and vetiver to exude a magnetic aura, which is a must for every Code man.

Code Platinum

Code Platinum is an eclectic composition infused with notes of bergamot, orange, vetiver and cedarwood. The Woody Aromatic fragrance stays all day strong and perfectly complements an active lifestyle.