Luxurious, Alluring, Refreshing, Heaven’s Garden is all this and much more! Our talcum powder is the perfect companion on hot days, cold days, & everything in between. With fragrances & ingredients that are designed to appeal to both genders, our range aims to uplift your mood. Heaven’s Garden helps you shine confidently every day and makes important occasions more joyful.


Luxury Talc:

Indulge in graceful skin with our Luxury talc, meticulously crafted from the essence of hand-picked flowers. Designed exclusively for the modern woman, it's your daily invitation to embrace timeless elegance and floral sophistication. Elevate your everyday routine with a touch of nature's finest.

Rose Talc:

Experience the timeless allure of our Rose Talc, meticulously crafted from pure rose extracts. Tailored for today's modern woman, it encapsulates the essence of floral elegance, inviting you to embrace each day with a touch of nature's grace and sophistication.

Sandalwood Talc

Immerse in the captivating fragrance of our Sandalwood Talc, skillfully crafted from sandalwood sourced from exotic tropical forests. Created for the contemporary woman, it embodies the essence of nature's tranquility and sophistication, inviting you to embrace each day with timeless grace and confidence.